Site Launch


In anticipation of our soft launch We will be doing 15 test sites* to test our systems and to showcase our features with new faces.

We are treating this process like an audition selection will be based on your Submission

Check out our existing site portfolio

Site Portfolio

What you’ll get

• Your own custom website for as long as talent sites exists

• A Custom Logo

• Resume Builder

• Unlimited Photo Gallery

• Brand Links Page

• 5 Photo cutouts

• Either a Social Media Banner or a Ready to print Business Card Layout

To be considered for a  Site you must:

• Be active in some area of talent (ex. Model, Actor, Dancer, Singer Cheerleader, Athlete etc)

• Be 3 Years old or over (Parent must Submit Under 18)

• Be active on Social Media

• Reside in the US

• Follow @Talent_sites on Instagram


What we are looking for

• Talent of all ages & ethnicity

• Above all, amazing content we want to showcase great professional looking content Not necessarily professional photos but well lit, well composed images we will use what is on your instagram & your “Best images” that you submit in this decision

• Your story, what you plan to use the site for and why you are a good candidate for getting a site

• Engagement (how excited you are about having a site)

• We would be lying if we said Reach (number of followers) was not a factor but it won’t be a main factor

If you are selected for a Site you must

• Purchase and maintain a domain name (only cost to you)

• Update your site once every (6) Months

•Update your headshot once every year

• Join our Members Facebook Group

• Remain Connected with us on Social Media

• Understand that we are still testing our systems and while most major systems have been tested there could still be some rough edges

 To Apply

• Fill out the Form below

• Attach to the form 3-5 of your most amazing images

• Tell your story why you want a site and how having a site will help you on your journey.

• If you were referred fill in the instagram name of who referred you

• Share this Link PRIVATELY with 3-5 (or more) People you actually know who could benefit from having a site Please do not post about this publicly


Choose below whether you are Submitting for yourself or your child and the proper submission form will populate

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Those selected will be contacted in Early 2022

This is not a traditional giveaway those selected will not be annouced publicly until their site is Live

If you are not selected you will not be contacted and your submitted images will be deleted from our systems at the conclusion of the audition period

If you are selected you will have a period of 7 Days to complete the confirmation & purchase domain after 7 days we reserve the right to move onto an alternate cannidate

* We reserve the right to create more or less than 15 sites based on demand

We will be building selected sites between  Winter 2022 & Spring 2022