Photographs by a professional photographer are an important part of your plan for your career and they can’t be replaced for a professional portfolio but part of having a social media presence is having constantly fresh content and unless you have the means to have constant access to a photographer you will need to figure out how to “Do it yourself” I will be splitting this post into 3 sections:

  • Taking the best Photo
  • Managing your Photos
  • Doing more with your photos

Part I – Taking The Best Photo

You ask someone what it takes to make a great photo, chances are they will answer a great camera while that does hold some truth. It’s more about your technique than the camera itself. Most smartphones sold today have excellent cameras that are great for content creation and some even have features that can improve lighting and create portrait type images easily.

To take the best photos

  • Look around your area and scout for locations that would make good images, this could be a park a brick wall or a graffiti wall or an interesting building use your creative eye and these places will make themselves known
  • Make light work for you not against you, if you are photographing outside you want to try to take your images in the morning or late afternoon and avoid “High Noon” when the light is most harsh you will want to place the sun in front of your subject so they are not in shadow or you can put the behind them if you use something such as a white poster board on the ground in front of them to bring up the light on their face
  • If you are photographing specifically for instagram make sure you leave enough space around the subject that you can crop it to a square without losing anything important
  • Photograph your subject at their eyeline this is especially important when photographing children it’s easy to photograph them from a standing position and you end up towering over them

Part II Managing Your Photos

When you start taking photos for Social Media your Phone’s onboard storage can easily become filled up quickly and then you have to decide what images need to go never to be seen again

A Great solution to this problem is Google Photos w ith Google photos you will get unlimited storage of Photos up 16 Megapixel and HD Videos up to 1080p Google Photos is the included Photo app on Android Devices and can be added to Apple Devices via the App from the Appstore when you install Google Photos and give it the proper permissions whenever your phone connects to WiFi it will backup your photos seamlessly to Google photos and they become available on the App where they can be cropped and edited and re downloaded to your device and as long as you use the “High Quality” setting this is free and unlimited you can manually add photos from your browser from other sources and even your professional photos

Google photos also has tools that make it incredibly easy to find the photo you want out of thousands you can search by date, face or even things in the photo like “Horse” or “car” Google Photos is like Google for your Photos

While Google photos is great for Daily use you don’t want to leave your only copy of your images with a company that you don’t control to have a safe copy you control the best option is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) an NAS is a hard drive that connects to your network at home to allow you to back up things like photos videos and even entire computers Most name brand NAS drives have mobile apps but a great one is Photo Sync that will work with Most NAS devices via FTP


Part III – Doing More With Your Photos

Sometimes a Photo just needs “more” Sometimes you need something special but you can only get to your backyard. That’s where Krome Photos comes in Krome Photos can take a photo you take with your smartphone and put you anywhere, take a photo in your backyard and be transported to your own private island, under the sea or the moon they can also turn a snapshot into a headshot Krome has a look book full of amazing ready to use backgrounds and locations that is always expanding or you can use your own background Krome has Apps on the Apple App Store & The Google Play Store as well as web based app. They have a Free Preview that does an amazing job by itself being able to remove subjects cleanly from even the most complex backgrounds but where Krome really shines is their team of professional editors who will make your photo perfect blending you seemlessly into the new environment perfectly matching everything for a perfect photo Krome can also retouch your photos without changing the background including full color correction, background correction, and skin correction Because perfection takes time it is a good idea if you need a photo for a specific event to order your edit a day or 2 in advance to ensure you have it to post when you need it Krome offers monthly subscription plans if you need regular editing

Normally your first edit is 3.99 but with code TALENTSITES72020 you can get your first professional edit from Krome for only 0.99



Download Krome Apps



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