Domain Instructions

Your Site comes with a domain from us ( but you are more than welcome to bring your own domain name ( and link it to your talent site.

USE PRIVATE DOMAIN REGISTRATION this is free with Google Domains this is extremely important to protect your private information

1) Purchase Custom Domain Connection

From Our Add On Shop – $10.00

This is a 1 time fee for configuring your domain on our system


2) Purchase a Domain

We recommend Google Domains to register your domain because of the ease of sharing control of your domain to our team and the following instructions are with Google Domains (You will need a Google Account to register your domain)


3) Share control of your domain

  1. In Google Domains Open the Settings tab Settings (gear icon) for the domain you want to share.
  2. Under Domain Permissions click Permissions.
  3. Enter [email protected] and click Add.
  4. Confirm the added user

If You Have a Domain or Want to use your own Registrar

if you have a domain or choose to use another registrar you will either need to

1) share your login with us


2) point your domain’s nameservers to

Your Domain domain will be added to your site within 24 Hours

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