Virtual Casting

We are partnering with Krome Photos to offer their unique photo editing services to the Talent Sites community and the talent/influencer community at large. To announce this Partnership we will be crafting a blog post about DIY Content Creation and social distance photoshoots and we need some amazing examples to feature in this blog post and our social media.


We would like you to submit a photo to be considered for editing by the awesome team at Krome this photo should be model/talent/influencer related   This should be photo taken with a smartphone Professional photos will NOT be considered for this project 

First Look over the Krome Lookbook to find the background you want (You will be redirected to install the Krome Studio App on a Mobile Device) Note the #Hashtag of the background you want you will have to enter it on the submission form

Krome Photos Examples 

[twenty20 img1="9099" img2="9100" offset="0.5" after="@kadence.marie"]


[twenty20 img1="9103" img2="9102" offset="0.5" after="@lexilebo"]


[twenty20 img1="9106" img2="9107" offset="0.5" after="@sadiemaeosullivan"]


The number of photos we select to edit will be based on the number of submissions we have a set number of editing credits set aside from Krome for thix project

All Submissions are Due by Tuesday 6/16 at 5PM

If you’re selected you will receive your edited image after the blog is published to post on social media


Follow These Tips to get the best Results:

Setting Up Your Shoot

• Take the Photo with the subject facing the light source and the light behind the photographer

• Photograph your subject at their eye line (for photographing kids this usually means sitting or crouching)

• Frame the subject how you want them to appear in the background (this might take some imagination)

• The Location you pick should be a drastic change (We don’t want to start with a beach photo and they put you on the beach) ideally this should be a new photo taken during the casting at home 

• Remember we will be showing both the final edit and the original image to show comparison (so If you don’t want the world seeing the original photo take it somewhere else)  


What To Wear

Krome can transport you anywhere they can’t really change what you’re wearing so picking wardrobe is important to a great Krome photo

• No Logos (if you submit something with a logo it will be removed in the editing if you’re selected)

•Dress for the theme you picked:   For Example, if you are choosing a beach/island theme you may choose a swimsuit or beachwear if you are choosing a Sports/Dance theme you might wear a team uniform or athletics if you picked something urban or high fashion you would choose a streetwear or Fashion look and if you’re just picking a fun look you might choose something casual 

Don't Hold, Don't Touch

• Don’t hold anything that you don’t want in your final image while it can usually be removed it will usually leave your hands in a very unnatural position

• Don’t Hold anything in the Background

• the subject can, in theory, be seated and things like a blanket or a beach towel can be left in the image if that’s what you want

• Anything that’s cut off in your image (like an arm out of frame or a foot hidden by something In the foreground)  can’t be brought back

• If you wear glasses and you don’t want glasses in your final image take your glasses off (they can’t be easily removed)



Fill out the Form Below to Submit your Image You can submit up to 5 poses to give options  but we are only choosing 1 edit per person

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