Our web designer will deliver the following services:

  • Design and creation of your website
  • Hosting of your website

Please note, any projects or tasks outside of this scope will be solely at the designer’s discretion and may be subject to negotiation.

The service agreement includes up to two revisions. For additional changes or requirements, a change order will need to be filled out, agreed upon, and signed by both parties.

Payment Structure:

All fees for Talent Sites are paid upfront at the time of purchase. Additionally, there is a monthly hosting fee of $5.00.

Refund Policy:

We understand your website is a unique creative endeavor. Therefore, we have established a fair refund policy:

  • Full refund is available up until homepage approval
  • After homepage approval, you’re entitled to a 50% refund
  • After the final site approval, refunds will not be provided

Domain Policy:

The upkeep and registration of your domain is your responsibility. If you register through Google Domains, our recommended registrar, we can help monitor your domain registration status and send reminders. Please note, if your domain becomes unresolved, we will remove and archive your site after 90 days.

Project Timeline:

Our web designer will deliver work according to the schedule provided in the client portal.

Clients are granted a three-day period to review and approve each step. If no feedback is given within this timeframe, the work will be considered approved, and the designer will proceed with the next step.


Throughout this agreement, our web designer will take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized use or distribution of your confidential information. Confidential information pertains only to information explicitly marked as such.

Exclusions to confidential information include information that:

  • Was already known by the web designer before disclosure by the client
  • Is or becomes publicly known through no fault of the web designer
  • The web designer obtains from sources that owe no confidentiality duty to the client
  • The web designer independently develops

Content Policy:

To maintain a family-friendly platform, our content restrictions include:

  • No nudity
  • No images displaying excessive violence
  • No images promoting hatred towards any person or group
  • No images that you don’t own or don’t have permission to use

Termination of Agreement:

The agreement will automatically end once both parties have fulfilled their obligations and all payments have been received.

If early termination of the agreement is desired, the client must provide a 7-day notice to the web designer and compensate for services already completed and hours worked.

Liability Limitation:

Neither party will be liable for damages stemming from contract breach that are remote, speculative, or couldn’t have been reasonably foreseen upon entering this agreement.

Intellectual Property:

The client will retain ownership of the website and any visuals provided by the web designer. The web designer will supply all necessary files.

The client ensures they possess the legal rights to all elements of text, photographs, and other materials provided to the web designer, and will not hold the web designer responsible for any third-party claims.

Likewise, the web designer guarantees they have the legal rights to all elements related to the services provided and will not hold the client responsible for any third-party claims.

Dispute Resolution:

If a party is accused of contract breach, the accused party will have 30 days to address the breach.

Applicable Law:

This Agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Pennsylvania.